• Jean-Patrice Bourguet
  • Jean-Patrice Bourguet

Jean-Patrice Bourguet fête ses 15 ans dans l’immobilier!
TOP 50 des courtiers immobilier au sein de la famille Via Capitale à Montréal



After having lived in France, Morocco, Switzerland and New York, I felt in love with Montreal, the people and its joie de vivre! I had previously worked in the hotel industry and I love everything in relation with human relations becoming a real estate broker came to me naturally. After 10 years in the field, I can’t deny it: I eat real estate, I dream about real estate and I invest in it too!


When a client trusts me with a purchase or sale, above and beyond the emotions and wishes involved I am conscious that I am holding their financial assets in my hands and that it’s my duty to do whatever I can to maximize such investment. Despite all of the marketing methods I use, my best publicity remains a client who is satisfied with its transaction. In order to reach such goal, a broker must be available at all times (24/7) – no outside lock box being used (I always open the door myself and I never allow strangers into a client’s home on their own), no telephone transfers to a reception desk, no impersonal pre-recorded messages with codes are being used to describe a property…a broker must be quick, a good negotiator and offer a high quality, personalised service.


In addition to advertising a property in the usual medias (MLS / Centris, Micasa, Via Capitale’s web site, my personal site – www.jpbourguet.com, etc.), I needed to find a way to differentiate myself from other brokers in Montreal. Indeed, despite having an extensive network of contacts [Jean-Patrice has numerous customers in Europe, is very involved in Montreal’s social network and ranks among the top brokers at Via Capitale de Mont-Royal], I had to be strategic. An ad in the Fugues magazine helps promote properties to a gay clientele with a good purchasing power and this serves as a base. However, it’s important to be as innovative as possible in marketing. Therefore, I don’t hesitate in creating individualized advertisements of a property and distribute them in the immediate neighbourhood. Often, the potential buyer does not live far away. My most recent idea: The Village Information Newspaper (called in French the ‘’Info-Quartier’’ ) , which is distributed in several thousand of copies, is indeed a mini magazine that will highlight, in turn, your property.


I am definitely a man of action: I am dynamic and I want results…but always with respect for the people I’m dealing with. It’s in the field, through my actions that I distinguish myself. To answer your question, my strategy differs depending on whether I’m dealing with a buyer or a seller:


First, I like to really evaluate (estimate) the property using comparatives and to seek out the little extra something that differentiates it from similar properties in the area. Before having pictures taken by a professional photographer, I consider whether some home staging are required or not. To be capable to help with some home staging, I have a storage space with modern furniture in it that I can use if necessary. I invest a substantial amount in advertising so that my properties are viewed as often as possible. I am constantly in contact with my sellers to keep them informed of the activity generated by the arrival of their property on the market and of the comments received following every visit. Finally, I believe I have a certain talent for putting income properties on the market as I possess the experience to determine whether a triplex could be sold as a an undivided apartment.


Although there is currently a surplus of condos on sale, when a price is attractive – and the same applies to a well located GRM (gross income multiplier) plex – it is important to move quickly. Moreover, I am told that I come across as a serious and convincing broker when making offers. I always arrive well prepared with pre-qualified buyers. I am very grateful for the privilege to represent a very nice clientele of buyers and I always find them what they need, according to their means, once all the necessary precautions have been taken. If they need to take a trip abroad, for example, I will even take care of the management and leasing of their properties, should they so desire. “Despite all of the marketing methods I use, my best advertising remains a client satisfied with its transaction.”