• Jean-Patrice Bourguet
  • Jean-Patrice Bourguet

Jean-Patrice Bourguet fête ses 15 ans dans l’immobilier!
TOP 50 des courtiers immobilier au sein de la famille Via Capitale à Montréal

Awards and recognitions

Prix et reconnaissances

As an experienced real estate broker, I have received several recognition and satisfaction prizes throughout the years for my exceptional work. Moreover, it is with pride that I can confirm my "Quality Customer Service" certification since March 2011, and that I won the 8th place prize out of 1,000 for the best real estate broker on the Via Capitale network in 2017 | CLUB MÉRITAS DIAMOND - SOLO.

I would also like to invite you to consult my customer satisfaction rating, as well as client testimonials, to confirm that I am the best broker in the Montreal area!

*The customer satisfaction rating is calculated according to answers provided to question 11 on the survey which deals with general customer satisfaction.

Consult my Customer Satisfaction Rating Consult the testimonials of my clients
2008 - Palmarès performance - 99e solo2009 - Palmarès performance - 27e solo2010 - Palmarès performance - 46e solo2011 - Palmarès performance - 54e solo2012 - Palmarès performance - 64e solo2013 - Palmarès performance - 15e solo2015 - Méritas Diamant - 18e solo2016 - Méritas or - 78e solo2017 - Méritas Diamant - 8e solo